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GP500 Sectors Matt Yellow

Manufacturer: AIROH

GP 500 is a racing HPC High performance composite helmet, designed and conceived for the champions of speed. Thanks to the use of fine materials and a concentration of technology, the GP 500 is ready to make its mark.

Every detail has been developed thanks to the collaboration between racers and technicians, thus obtaining a high-performing helmet in all of its features: three different shell sizes, a certified face visor that is 50% tinted, predisposition for installation of the tear off, face visor locking system, the visor’s antifog position and the emergency system for the release of cheek pads.

Its prerogatives are safety, maximum performance and enviable comfort.

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Entirely ‘Made in Italy’

‘HPC High performance composite’ shell construction / 3 shell sizes

Ultra Light weight – from 1200g

‘Max Vision’, Self Adjusting Quick Release Visor - with 50% Tinting (Homologated)

Equipped with Pinlock, Tearoff posts & Visor Locking System

Wind Tunnel Tested for Optimized Aerodynamics & Hi Flow Ventilation System

AEFR – ‘AIROH Emergency Fast Remove’ Cheek Pads

Removable Washable / Sanitized Transpiring Liner

Spoilers front & rear for stability

Nose Deflector & ‘wind stop’ chin curtain

ECE Approved