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Manufacturer: Shell

Shell Spirax oils are blended using synthetic base stocks to give optimal performance in a wide variety of automotive axle units subjected to heavy duty conditions.

• Outstanding thermal stability especially in applications where heat, wear and extended drain intervals contribute to severe service.
• High film strength and excellent shear stability.
• Superior low temperature properties promotes oil flow to help protect gears and bearings even at sub-zero temperatures.
• Synthetic formula helps to provide maximum protection over a wide range of temperatures.
• Separates readily from water.
• Approved E500 for Eaton Roadranger 750,000 mile extended warranties with factory fill and service filled 500,000 mile drains.
• Compatible with other MIL-L-2105D or MIL- PRF-2105E quality gear lubricants.


SGE020 - Spirax S4 TXM Gear Oil 20L
SSH021 - Shaft/Diff Spirax S2 A 80w90 20L
SSH022 - Spirax /LSDS2 ALS 90 Shaft 20L
SSH120 - Spirax Wet Brake Oil S3 T/Harvella T 20L
SZA026 - Spirax S4 ATF HDX 20L
SZA320 - Sprirax S3 ATF MD3 20L
SZP024 - Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 BMW 20L